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Lloyoll Built and East Coast Modern Build Unique Partnership...Continued


May 2, 2016, Liverpool, NS: Lloyoll Built and East Coast Modern will change what you picture when you think of a prefabricated home, with the first home constructed through their partnership now ready to ship. Built entirely inside Warehouse B at Port Mersey Commercial Park, 125 Innovation Ave in Brooklyn, Queens County, NS, the Beach Pod 2.0 was designed by an architect and includes special design features of significance to the homeowner that make this house their dream home. This home will ship on May 5th and production on the next two part modular will have already started.


“Today’s announcement by Lloyoll Built and East Coast Modern is another example of innovation, a new way of doing things, and is very significant for our community,” said Christopher Clarke, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “These homes will be shipped to homeowners in Nova Scotia and possibly anywhere in the world. It is very exciting to see these companies growing and we are proud to have this partnership operating in the Region of Queens Municipality.”


The modular home will be transported to the homeowners’ building site, with LLoyoll staff monitoring the packaging for transport and the installation of the home on its foundation. Some modules are complete homes while some are built in sections. After the homes are hoisted on to their foundations the finishing touches will be completed before turning the home over to the homeowner.


Lloyoll Built was born out of Lloyoll Custom Building Ltd. a company that Lloy and his wife Caralee have operated since 2003, completing more than 50 large builds in that time. Through a strategic partnership with East Coast Modern, an architectural and design firm in Halifax, they have taken the family business to a new level, increasing their workforce, expanding the business to develop Lloyoll Built, and significantly lengthening their building season, providing custom designed prebuilt modular homes, built entirely indoors all year round.


“Prefab construction requires a highly innovative approach. The strategic partnership between East Coast Modern, Lloyoll Built, and the Port Mersey Commercial Park is a great example of innovation on several levels. The partnership combines a new approach to architectural design with a new approach to building. This partnership would not be possible without the unique approach that the Port Mersey Commercial Park is taking to leverage the former Bowater mill site. We hope that our story will inspire other businesses to capitalize on similar opportunities across Nova Scotia.” said Steve Chiasson, operator of East Coast Modern. East Coast Modern is selling the homes from models on their website. Clients meet with an architect from East Coast Modern to design their dream home.


Lloyoll Built’s site in Warehouse B has the space to accommodate the building of approximately 8 homes simultaneously, and they project that within 5 years they will build 10 modular homes per year from this site, and over time will construct 20 modular homes annually. Forming Lloyoll Built as a new business, separate from Lloyoll Custom Building Ltd., was a necessary step. Lloyoll Built is an industrial manufacturing company with closer links to that industry, offering services and development processes that site builds cannot access. The fine craftsmanship developed by the many challenges encountered while site building custom

homes is now harnessed to its full potential, in a climate controlled production facility.


“We are pleased to be part of re-purposing the the infrastructure left behind by the Mersey Paper Mill. Port Mersey has provided us with an opportunity we wouldn’t have otherwise. The investment into infrastructure like this would have been cost prohibitive for this venture without outside funding. The staff at Nova Scotia Lands have been friendly and very helpful in this start up project and are certainly invested into growth for our communities. Queens is home to us and we are happy there are so many supportive businesses here that we can access as part of our supply chain. Supporting the local economy is important – we live here, our employees live here, and it is important to see the community thrive. Our children will build memories here that will light the way home no matter where they go.” says Lloy.


Lloyoll Built is a CSA Group approved company, meeting the stringent criteria of the Canadian Standards Association which provides product testing and certification services for structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas and a variety of other products. CSA certification is recognized in Canada, the US, and around the world. Having CSA certification allows them to ship the modular homes across Canada and the United States, as well as to an international market. CSA certification holds the factory to a higher standard...........BACK TO NEWS


Lloyoll Custom Building Ltd. took home the 2015 Innovative Business Award at the Lunenburg Queens Excellence Award gala on March 7, 2016 in Bridgewater, NS.


See models of the homes available on the East Coast Modern website at www.eastcoastmodern.ca.

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